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We are, all of us, defined by our stories. They are the stuff of our empathy, our hope, our ambitions. Our evolution. Stories give us our consciousness, our humanity.

We are the people of Earth.

Salt Lake Film Society’s MAST announces its 2019 writing and photography contest, People of Earth.

Entrants are encouraged to collaborate in pairs, and should submit an original photograph depicting one person, or multiple people, accompanied by an engaging character profile describing the person or people in the photograph.


Photograph: The photograph may be color or black-and-white, and should be at least 4k resolution. It must depict one person, or multiple people, and must be accompanied by signed releases (available here) from the photographed subjects.

Character profile or character-centered short story: in prose must be between 2,500 words and 10,000 words in length; in poetry may be any length. There is no required format, style, content rating, audience, or genre—it’s an open field!

All submissions must include both a photograph and a character profile/story. The photographer and writer may be the same person, but need not be—collaboration is encouraged. Award money will be split equally amongst all collaborators on all winning entries.


Grand prize winner: A single grand prize winner will be selected. A cash award of $2,000 USD will be divided between the writer and photographer of the winning submission), along with complimentary enrollment (for both the writer and photographer) in all 2019 MAST labs, masterclasses, and networking events.

Honorable mentions: Multiple honorable mentions may be selected. A cash award of $200 will be given to each (divided between writer and photographer).

Awards will be announced on 4 March.


All submissions must be received before noon MST on 15 February, 2019.